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Teb Plastic

Manufacturer of all Kinds of Tray

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About us

Teb plastic industrial company is the manufacturer and the exporter of medicinal and nutritive disposable containers which has started its activity since 1998, following the goal of providing domestic needs and entering the competitive markets in the region. Manufacturing the best products using the latest technology in the world, in addition to the high quality raw materials has caused Teb Plastic company many success in the domestic and regional arena. The management system of Teb Plastic company .



Nowadays, the complex of Teb plastic and its masses with the launch of the third manufacturing unit of the complex in Semnan province in 2011 reached a capacity of over 100 production lines. The company has been able to offer a new definition of the export of one-time consumption of polymer products by supplying products of high quality, variety and volume, so that the countries of the region know Iran with the company's products and its satellites as the single-time consumption pole of the region.


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IML technology

IML or In Mold Labling means labeling inside the template (simultaneously with container production). In the containers produced by this method, the label is an integral part of the container body. This new labeling technique is a newer alternative and superiority for direct printing on dishes or traditional types of labeling.
Nowadays, manufacturers are well aware of the importance and impact of superior packaging in choosing their products from customers. New packaging in addition to protecting the product, easy and cost effective transportation, apparent beauty, variety in design, different colors, and competitive prices.
IML containers have all the features needed for an export package, including common sanitary standards.


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